Before picking up a memory foam mattress, be aware of the different types of memory foam mattresses available in the market. A single mattress doesn’t provide the same level of comfort to everyone. Each variety of mattress has its own pros and cons. It is important to learn about the varieties of memory foam mattresses for a customer in order to match their needs with the mattresses available. Some of memory foam mattresses are:

Traditional memory foam

When people talk about memory foam, this is what they usually mean. The traditional version of a memory foam mattress also known as closed cell memory foam is likely to be less responsive. This implies that it is a time-consuming process for the mattress to adapt to changes in your movement or rotations. They are the mattresses which will give you a feeling of deep and pronounced contour. The more the memory is traditional, the higher the density it has. Foams which have a higher density are likely to have a longer life. Similarly, foams with lower density may get dead in a short span of time.

These type of mattresses are manufactured by way of a closed cell process which makes it denser though restricting its responsive ability. They are a great pressure relief for the people who wish to have a good sleep overnight.

Open cell memory foam

Open cell memory foam gives the same feeling as the traditional memory foam. In the manufacturing process of open cell memory foam, there is an insertion of small tiny pockets into the foam which ultimately opens the response feature in the mattress. Henceforth, these mattresses are highly responsive which means they can easily adapt to the movements of the body. In addition, the air circulation systems in open cell memory foam are good as compared to the closed cell memory foam. It is considered to be one of the best.

In today’ world, memory foam mattresses are in high demand. The memory foam mattresses offer a hug, contouring, deep comfort, pressure consolation ultimately raising high in the demand for mattresses. Check the mattress reviews of both the memory foam mattresses and then reach a decision.