The position we assume during sleep can cause an alteration of the natural curvature of the spine, transforming what should be our moment of relaxation and recovery, into a torture that in the long run also wears out our physical efficiency and health.

Therefore, adopting positions for a good sleep is as fundamental as having a quality mattress. On the contrary, the quality mattress must be chosen taking into account the positions we usually take during sleep and can decisively contribute to re-establishing a correct posture during rest.

Side sleeping mattress

The lateral position is statistically the most used during sleep. This way of sleeping is, perhaps, the most natural and spontaneous that exists.  Just think that it is the position that we assume in the mother’s womb even before we are born, perhaps also because of this it helps a lot to relax and to sleep more easily. It is particularly convenient because the curvatures of the spine are not altered thanks to the flexion of the joints of the legs, obviously always provided that you use a correct bed system, able to adequately accommodate the shoulder and the pelvis area, being careful to dosing support and comfort.

To better understand the advantages and disadvantages of best mattress for side sleepers due to the position we assume when sleeping, it is important to remember that our spine, observed in profile, highlights two types of curves, lordosis and kyphosis. It is of fundamental importance that these curves are respected during rest that is, we must avoid accentuating or flattening them.There are many ways to spend a sweet night, but surely the best method is to choose an excellent mattress. This is also why orthopedic mattresses have now become a must for many people.

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam is synthetic foam launched on the market only recently, but that is already proving a huge success due to its particular characteristics. Taking advantage of the warmth of your body, in fact, it is automatically able to model itself based on it, but then immediately return to its initial shape. Therefore, a mattress of this kind is able to react even to sudden changes in night-time positions.If the position is certainly among the most correct, wrong mattress can mean to rest badly the same, turning and turning in bed without ever finding real refreshments.