How to pick the best mattress to improve sleep.

Studies say that the average person spends up to an entire third of their life sleeping. One third is a very significant portion of our lives, but something we must not overlook is the importance of guaranteeing that sleep is sufficient and satisfying.


Although there are many ways to improve upon one’s sleep, an easy place to start is by using a proper mattress. With the correct mattress one can avoid various pains and aches caused by incorrect support of the body, or restlessness and exhaustion from an uncomfortable sleeping experience. The mattress of choice should be tailored to one’s individual sleeping style and habits, as well as finding one to improve old habits with negative effects. Fortunately there is a wide selection to choose from in the quest for proper comfort. It is wise to keep in mind however that a mattress suited to one may not be a proper fit to another, and as such one must consider that a common option may not be the best.

When looking for the proper features in the best mattress selection there are a plethora of options to take into consideration. Some of which range from needed firmness to the support of the back and neck, as well as how long the mattress will last before it begins to sink and degrade, even to the mattresses ability to keep or control temperature during the night.


These factors can be affected by the options between the materials the mattress is comprised of. Take for instance that the fabrics can affect the ability to fall asleep at an increased rate just due to the comfort level of the individual in reaction to said fabric.


One material in question could be a foam composite mattress and as such different foams have different properties of interest. Some foam mattresses can be constructed with an “open cell” structure, allowing air to flow easier throughout the mattress, keeping the user cooler throughout the night and preventing the user from perspiring to an uncomfortable degree.


Other mattress-inquirer could be made with latex or in-spring and fabric, each of which having their own benefits to consider as well.


Of course one thing many tend to weigh most of their decisions is cost, understandably so. To that front, it is fortunate that mattresses are up to, and sometimes surpassing, a ten year investment. Taking this into consideration one could say that even without a sale the price for the right mattress is a justifiable sum. Obviously the improvement to a resounding entire third of one’s life should be reason enough to look to a good old fashioned comfortable investment in the best mattress.

Does tempurpedic foam match your criteria?

The firmness of the foam depends on its density. It is of poor quality between 16 and 20 kilograms per cubic meter (kg / m3), of mediocre quality up to 24 kg / m3, then correct between 25 and 35 kg / m3. Beyond that, the so-called “high resilience” foam has very good qualities of elasticity and comfort. The principle of zoning of the cells allows to vary the resilience according to the support zones (flexible for the feet and the head, firm for the pelvis) in order to keep the body perfectly horizontal.

Too low a density means that there is not enough material in the heart of the mattress. Because of the weight of the body, the heat and the humidity evacuated each night, a mattress too thin collapses quickly. It can be hard and give the impression that it will last, but it will not last. However, for small budgets, polyether foam whose density is between 16 and 23 kg / m3 may be sufficient in the case of an extra mattress. Here are a few mattresses that will help you to understand the difference with tempurpedic reviews.

Synthetic latex mattresses

Latex is a plant-based material derived from the sap of plants such as rubber trees. As it may present quality discrepancies and sometimes trigger allergies, synthetic latex manufacturing processes have been developed and are now the most widely used. This material is hypoallergenic and ensures very good aeration because it is extremely porous.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses offer the greatest ventilation and the most “dynamic” welcome. They are therefore better suited, a priori, to corpulent people and those who sweat a lot at night. It remains to be decided between the different systems. The diameter of the wire used and the number of springs – from 500 to 800 for a double bed – determine the firmness of the mattress.

Do bed frame matters?

There are two main types of bedsteads, springs and slats. The first consists of springs attached to a wooden frame. It is only suitable for mattresses springs. If you put a mattress foam or latex, it will sink quickly. Slatted bed base is suitable for all types of mattresses (except low quality spring mattresses). This is the most common model. It provides stronger support and lasts longer.

Is it beneficial to buy the Inner spring Mattress?

The Innerspring mattresses are the mattress which is most extensively used. They generally support you with the coil springs, and also in many built now, every such coil is enclosed individually enclosed. It also assists any kind of the bed irrespective of the fact for the number of years of use as well as it also prevents the coils from any kind of the popping out of mattress. However, top of coils are also extensive variety of the materials which are added for the purpose of comfort, from the pillow to latex to other kind of the cooling memory foam mattress. It’s all just the matter of preference for the buyer

The Salespeople might also try to sell the product on idea which more coils clearly mean much of comfort, but this is not unavoidably true. You do not actually need a coil count which is above 390, as beyond this, the main difference in the feel is really much small that it would be actually difficult to get in notice.

Let us now discuss what the Pros to buy this mattress: There is abundance of innerspring mattresses available in the market from where you can select. They mainly differ in the concept of firmness, fluffiness of pillow top, as well as price that could perfectly fit with each such preference and the pocket book.

Now, let us also check the Cons to buy this mattress: There is mainly no direct kind of the relationship in many such cases which differ between the comfort and the price of the mattress, but it is suggested that the steering clear of affordable innerspring mattress. When there are not adequate springs as well as cushion to provide the suitable support, you’ll also possibly wake up with the painful back.

The Conditions are important to consider when you buy the innerspring mattresses. For those who are highly overweight, the innerspring mattresses might also offer the firm support, making it quite simple to get in as well as to get out. The firm versions of the mattress are great for people who are suffering from back pain.

Does sleeping well depend on your mattress?

The position we assume during sleep can cause an alteration of the natural curvature of the spine, transforming what should be our moment of relaxation and recovery, into a torture that in the long run also wears out our physical efficiency and health.

Therefore, adopting positions for a good sleep is as fundamental as having a quality mattress. On the contrary, the quality mattress must be chosen taking into account the positions we usually take during sleep and can decisively contribute to re-establishing a correct posture during rest.

Side sleeping mattress

The lateral position is statistically the most used during sleep. This way of sleeping is, perhaps, the most natural and spontaneous that exists.  Just think that it is the position that we assume in the mother’s womb even before we are born, perhaps also because of this it helps a lot to relax and to sleep more easily. It is particularly convenient because the curvatures of the spine are not altered thanks to the flexion of the joints of the legs, obviously always provided that you use a correct bed system, able to adequately accommodate the shoulder and the pelvis area, being careful to dosing support and comfort.

To better understand the advantages and disadvantages of best mattress for side sleepers due to the position we assume when sleeping, it is important to remember that our spine, observed in profile, highlights two types of curves, lordosis and kyphosis. It is of fundamental importance that these curves are respected during rest that is, we must avoid accentuating or flattening them.There are many ways to spend a sweet night, but surely the best method is to choose an excellent mattress. This is also why orthopedic mattresses have now become a must for many people.

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam is synthetic foam launched on the market only recently, but that is already proving a huge success due to its particular characteristics. Taking advantage of the warmth of your body, in fact, it is automatically able to model itself based on it, but then immediately return to its initial shape. Therefore, a mattress of this kind is able to react even to sudden changes in night-time positions.If the position is certainly among the most correct, wrong mattress can mean to rest badly the same, turning and turning in bed without ever finding real refreshments.

Types of memory foam mattresses

Before picking up a memory foam mattress, be aware of the different types of memory foam mattresses available in the market. A single mattress doesn’t provide the same level of comfort to everyone. Each variety of mattress has its own pros and cons. It is important to learn about the varieties of memory foam mattresses for a customer in order to match their needs with the mattresses available. Some of memory foam mattresses are:

Traditional memory foam

When people talk about memory foam, this is what they usually mean. The traditional version of a memory foam mattress also known as closed cell memory foam is likely to be less responsive. This implies that it is a time-consuming process for the mattress to adapt to changes in your movement or rotations. They are the mattresses which will give you a feeling of deep and pronounced contour. The more the memory is traditional, the higher the density it has. Foams which have a higher density are likely to have a longer life. Similarly, foams with lower density may get dead in a short span of time.

These type of mattresses are manufactured by way of a closed cell process which makes it denser though restricting its responsive ability. They are a great pressure relief for the people who wish to have a good sleep overnight.

Open cell memory foam

Open cell memory foam gives the same feeling as the traditional memory foam. In the manufacturing process of open cell memory foam, there is an insertion of small tiny pockets into the foam which ultimately opens the response feature in the mattress. Henceforth, these mattresses are highly responsive which means they can easily adapt to the movements of the body. In addition, the air circulation systems in open cell memory foam are good as compared to the closed cell memory foam. It is considered to be one of the best.

In today’ world, memory foam mattresses are in high demand. The memory foam mattresses offer a hug, contouring, deep comfort, pressure consolation ultimately raising high in the demand for mattresses. Check the mattress reviews of both the memory foam mattresses and then reach a decision.